Make the Change Your Life Needs

The opioid use rate and number of deaths from opioid use have been troubling for many years at this point in the United States. It is affecting all walks of life, and you likely know someone that is directly impacted by opioid use. Maybe, you are the one battling opioid use disorder.

In Tennessee, we lost more than 1,000 lives to opioid use in 2017. These troubling numbers have led many like us at ReVIDA Recovery to step up and do what we can to curb the rise. 

Respect Is Just Part of Our Game

The mission of ReVIDA Recovery is to promote an empowering environment for our patients to reclaim their lives while feeling safe. Recovery from opioid use disorder is difficult and having a healthy community around you is key to reaching success in the goal of long-term recovery. 

In reaching this mission, our vision is to create a network of outpatient recovery centers that each provide clinical excellence and industry-leading outcomes. 

Treating You With the ReVIDA Vision

At ReVIDA, our values are to help us always treat our patients with what we would want to see for our own loved ones. In following our goals and values, we will always put ourselves in place to complete our mission and vision. 

Our values are easy to remember (if you can remember the name of our centers). ReVIDA. 

Our Values

We respect each other, our patients, and our communities.
We value each other’s strengths, perspectives and contributions.

Our clinical expertise, rooted in data and science, drives our evidence-based practices. We believe quality work produces optimal outcomes.

We are proud of our work and honored to publicly challenge the stigma our patients face.

Our decisions and actions reflect honesty, reliability, and transparency. We strive to always do the right thing.

We are firmly dedicated to achieving our Mission and Vision, and personally committed to living out our Values.

We are individually and collectively responsible for our decisions and actions. We learn from our mistakes, and we celebrate our successes.

Providing Gold Standard Treatment

Using a flexible, yet structured form to treatment is what ReVIDA Recovery has perfected. In an outpatient setting, we have taken the best and most effective forms of evidence-based treatment and made them available for those looking for a change from their opioid use disorder. We believe that therapy and counseling are integral parts of treatment from addiction. 

In giving our patients individual therapy and group therapy options and services we are setting our patients up with skills needed after treatment ends. 

Other services provided in our treatment at ReVIDA are 12-step meetings, educational classes, resource building, communication building, and connecting with community partners. These services have been carefully selected to give our patients the best chance at recovery, meeting each of their individual needs. 

Call ReVIDA Recovery Today

It is important to understand that breaking an addiction is extremely difficult and can be intimidating. We understand this at ReVIDA, and we're able to take that knowledge and do the best we can to ease your worries and concerns. Our trained and highly-skilled staff of counselors, therapists, physicians, and more will keep things transparent and honest along the way for you to understand your treatment as a whole, while giving you the care and respect you deserve. 

Do not hesitate to give us a call or reach out through our website today if you are ready for a change, or if you see a loved one struggling and want to know how you can possibly help them. We are here and always ready to hear from you!